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Height: 180 | Width: 118 | Corporal mass: 18 % with preparation of 5 to 10 days | Shoes: 44 | Hair: silver; no dyes, please | Eyes: maroon, optional graduated glasses; no contact lenses, please | Better aspect: classic, I am not worth for footbridge, I have but of 18 years, I do not like flowers colors naïf, please | Marital status: single | Children: none | Pets: none | Hobbys: Linguistics university title of 1.986, Personal computer experience from 1.988, SAP consultant from 2.005, typewriter since 1.985, masters in edition HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL education, marketing, office, photo y video | 1º prize off literary test in II the Contest Equal in the Diversity of the Cultural Association Already I say to you by The world in targets y black, prizes by photos in Almazán, Concentaina, Fraga, Leganés, Leioa, Polvoranca, Puçol, Úbeda y others


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